Father Joby showing his appreciation for the ladies in our parish

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Anyone wishing to make a financial donation to the Gloucestershire Association for Aid to Refugees and Asylum Seeksers [GARAS]  please e-mail Jennie Watts on admin@garas.org.uk

A considerable amount of support is providing by our church which, with donations from the local community and the invaluable help of volunteers is able to host classes for learning English as a second Language. Please see the notice board for fuller information.

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SYNOD 2021 2023

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Last year Pope Francis and the Synod office in Rome invited the whole Church to become Synodal – everyone was asked to speak out, listen to others and pray together for the church.

We were invited in each parish to journey together, listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the lives of the people we meet.  Our part is now done and the ‘Synod’ continues on its course, with reports going to our Bishop at the end of February – moving on to a national, then international stage.

Thanks to all in our parish who were involved and submitted their thoughts and ideas through our facilitators and Parish Representative.

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